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October 13-26, 2017. Prof. Xiaodong Xu and his student Mr. Shidong Zhou
visited Physics Department, Sofia University, Bulgaria, prof. Buchvarov’s research laboratories:
Non-linear Optics and Solid State Lasers Laboratory and Laser Physics and Applications

Group photo at Laser Application laboratory, Physics Department, Sofia University
during the visit of prof Xiaodong Xu and his student Mr. Shidong Zhou at SU.

During prof. Xu's stay, the optical and material properties of the Er:CaF2 samples, he grew, were tested. An amplifier based on microchip laser was built to test the fiber crystals grown by prof. Xu.

Mr. LUO Qing the first Secretary of the Embassy of People’s Republic of China in Bulgaria
on a visit at the Laser Applications Laboratory at Sofia University during the collaborative research project.


November 4, 2016. Prof. Ivan Buchvarov on (Continuation)
"Огледало на държавника е отговорността му пред бъдещето" In website of (in Bulgarian)

Продължение на разговора с доц. Иван Бъчваров – за емигрирането на български учени, за науката като движеща сила на обществото, за избора между усвояването и съзиданието. За мисията на държавника. За бъдещето...


November 1, 2016. Prof. Ivan Buchvarov on
"Учим студентите да предизвикват късмета" In website of (in Bulgarian)

Едно интервю с доц. Иван Бъчваров по повод Деня на народните будители. Днес немалка част от младите учени напускат България, следвайки своят път на реализация. Много от тях вече имат утвърдено международно признание за своите професионални достижения. Но ще бъде грешка да мислим за тях като за изгубено съкровище. Отивайки в различни точки на света, те съхраняват връзката си с родината и с университета, от който са тръгнали. Готови са да споделят опита и откритията си, да помагат за развитието на България. Но какво правим, за да интегрираме страната си към света, чийто облик се определя от развитието на науката, образованието и високотехнологичната индустрия?


February 2016. Laser lab report by Bulgarian national TV (in Bulgarian)
D-r Ivan Buchvarov: "Physics as a Happy marriage between Nature and Math"
Discussion about Laboratory Research and the "golden triangle of social progress - Education, Science and Industry."

External Links for the Event: (in Bulgarian)

Bulgarian National TV's Website


April 2014. At the Physics department of Sofia University, we held the new lab opening ceremony.

By a special invitation, the opening ceremony was honored by the president of the Republic of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev and attending officials: Anna-Marie Vilamovska - Secretary for Healthcare, Education and Science of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, M-r Martin Ivanov - Secretary for Culture, Education and National Identity of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, and M-r Evgeny Angelov - Economic Advisor to the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Special guests of the event were the rector of Sofia University Prof. Ivan Ilchev, M-r Ivaylo Penchev, CEO and founder of Walltopia Ltd, as well as many other leaders from Bulgarian academia and business.

Prof. Buchvarov presents our team to the President Plevneliev and other guests. From left to right: Mr. President Plevneliev, Prof. Buchvarov, Prof. Ilchev and Prof. Martin Ivanov

Moment of opening speech by the President. Photoghraped from left to right: Prof. Ilchev, President Plevneliev, Prof. Buchvarov and Mr. Ivaylo Penchev (CEO of Walltopia LTD ).

Thankfully to the generous donations by the sponsors from three leading Bulgarian companies - Walltopia LTD (Ivaylo Penchev), Extrapak LTD (Veselin Georgiev) and Synthesia LTD (Nedko Hristov), we were able to make a complete renovation and transformation of the rooms from an empty storage place to a modern scientific laboratory. The new facility will provide additional 150 square meters of laboratory space, ready for new developments in the field of lasers and their applications.

Prof. Buchvarov introduces the guests to the current projects and advancements in our Laboratory of infrared laser sources and nonlinear devices.

A quick group shot with the President. After wishing us a good luck, Mr. Plevneliev was off to Brussels, and we were set with new enthusiasm for scientific breakthroughs.

On behalf of the whole group I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the donators without whom this opening ceremony would not take place.

External Links for the Event: (in Bulgarian)
Bulgarian President's Website
University of Sofia's Website
Bulgarian National TV's Website

Video on YouTube


July 2013. By an invitation, Assoc. Prof. Ivan Buchvarov attended the 3rd GIST-European Universities Joint Workshop at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea.

During the visit of Assoc. Prof. Ivan Buchvarov at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology he presented an invited lecture on the Development of Ultrafast Laser Systems at Sofia University: a Route Towards New Medical and Material Science Applications.

In addition to the official program assoc. Prof. Buchvarov had a private meeting with Dr. In Won Lee, director of the Advanced Photonics Research Institute at GIST.


February 2012. Dr. Ivan Buchvarov receives award for the best research activity for year 2011 from the Physics Department of the University of Sofia "St. Kliment Ohridski".

After a highly competitive three stage selection procedure, on 12. 12. 2011 leading Bulgarian investment company Karoll Inc. awarded first place to Ph.D. student Hristo Iliev in its annual competition for graduate students. Mr. Iliev is part of the research group for solid state lasers and nonlinear optics at the Department of Physics (Sofia university) headed by assoc. prof. Ivan Buchvarov. The jury assessed the subject of his dissertation - "Generation of short laser pulses in the near infrared region with wavelengths between 1 and 2 micrometers" as significant for the future development of laser technology as a whole. Mr. Iliev�s doctoral research is a part of a larger project coordinated by Prof. Ivan Buchvarov, which aims to create a new tunable source of laser radiation in the spectral region around 3 micrometers. The main results of previous research of the doctoral student has been published in journals with the highest impact factor in the field of optics and laser technology - Optics Letters and Optics Express. Karoll Inc. provides a ten months scholarship to Mr. Hristo Iliev.

Ph.D. Student Hristo Iliev


June 2011. Dr. Nicolaie Pavel, Ph.D student Oana Sandu and Ph.D student Gabriela Salamu researchers at National Institute for Lasers, Plasma & Radiation Physics, Bucharest, Romania visit Sofia for two weeks of joint experiments on high power diode pumped laser sources in the framework of a joint bilateral project on Diode-pumped Solid-state lasers THz and mid-IR sources and their applications.

Group photo, Dr. Nicolaie Pavel (second from left side), Oana Sandu and Gabriela Salamu (forth and fifth on the front row from left side).


February 2011: Dr. Sunao Kurimura, senior researcher at Advanced Materials Laboratory, National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan visits the lab. He spends two days in joint experiments planning with the division of the group working on novel mode-locking techniques.

Dr. Kurimura and assoc. prof Buchvarov in the lab, Picture 1

Dr. Kurimura and assoc. prof Buchvarov in the lab, Picture 2

Dr. Kurimura and assoc. proffessor Buchvarov in front of the building of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (in the back is the St. Alexander Nevski cathedral)


October 2010. Dr. Algis Stalnionis (senior researcher at Standa Ltd., Vilnius, Lithuania) and Dr. Sergei Gagarski (senior researcher at Vitro Laser GmbH) visit the lab for joit research project on diode pumped mode locked lasers with negative feedback control and high power microchip laser sources.

Dr. Stalnionis and Dr. Gagarsky

Dr. Stalnionis and assistant professor Gaydardzhiev working together.